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Hi, my name is Mary and I love cats. All cats, but in particular, the Himalayan.

Himalayans are beautifully marked Persian cats. They are low key, happy, loving, and playful. Generally they are quiet and have sweet  musical voices. Due to their body structure, they lack the ability to jump to great heights, which I appreciate.

Not all of my kitties appear Himalayan. I have some beautiful cats which carry the Himalayan gene. These color-point carriers (CPCs) are an integral part of my breeding program. They make each litter a pleasant surprise package of all different patterns. I do not use any solid white, bi-color, silver or goldens in my breeding program. My goal is to produce beautiful examples of the Himalayans and Persians which include balance, refinement, sweet open expressions, good health and temperament. My aim is to produce ‘Points of Perfection’.

Himalayans are in the Persian family, but have wonderful color patterns on the nose, ears, boots and tail. Their patterns closely resemble that of the Siamese, and for good reason. The Siamese were introduced to the Persian line many years ago.

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