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Kittens remain under our care for a minimum of 11 weeks. This allows us to handle all the "growing pains" associated with raising loving, well adjusted kittens. Kittens are available when we are satisfied that they will make their new parents as proud of them as we are!  Kittens will receive two sets of vaccinations before leaving our home. All our cats come with a starter kit including food, grooming supplies, care instructions and a few favorite toys. As always, our kitty-know-how is on tap, ready and willing to assist our former residents.

Prospective buyers for kittens are taken through an interview procedure so I can anticipate any conflicts with existing pets, advise them on the care of their newest family member and to give suggestions on which cat to purchase based on the personalities of the kittens. I think most pet buyers should "pick the kitten that picks them!" That is why I prefer a visit that allows the kitten time to choose their favorite person. A kitten that chooses you will be an ultimately happy cat that makes you feel like the Top Cat! It is also helpful to new owners to know that I can be called on to answer any questions that may develop during the lifetime of their pet. CFA registration papers are held until proof of neutering on pet quality kittens.

Pet quality kittens are as healthy and vibrant as our show and breeder kittens. Pets come from the same sire and dams that have provided us with our grand champions, but do not quite match the requirements of top grands. These kittens have been loved and cuddled and are very friendly and playful. We would love for them to help make your home complete. Our one condition of them being pet quality kittens is they will be spayed or neutered, verified by a veterinarian. Declawing is STRONGLY discouraged.

ATTENTION: Due to the increased costs of transporting our kitties in a safe and secure fashion, we do not ship outside the continental United States and Canada. We apologize in advance to our international admirers.  Pet kittens are not shipped.

We accept cash, check and credit cards via PayPal.

Thundapurr kittens sold as pets are $650, which includes two sets of distemper vaccinations, important grooming items, starter food pack, favorite toys and information packet. Grooming is an important part of owning a Persian. Our grooming items guarantee a good start on regular grooming, which my cats all appreciate. They are comfortable with all aspects of grooming since day one. Grooming is seen by my cats as quality time spent with you. Kittens must be spayed or neutered (altered) by your vet by 7 months of age. Once proof of altering has been received, registration papers and a copy of their pedigree will be mailed to you.

Please check out our videos. See the latest at Thundapurr Channel on YouTube.

Frisky Cat Available

Angelfyre is a red Persian spay with personality plus! Angelfyre loves to sit inside cabinets and closets. She is very playful and friendly.  She is a bit of a ‘top cat’ and would be best in a single cat household, or with a neutered male. Adoption price $100.

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We have kittens looking for a family of their very own!

  All kittens are sold as PETS, and must be spayed or neutered!

Sire: CH Thundapurr Bandicoon of Puffed&Buff

Dam: CH Lil Luv Lyns Starry Starry Night

Born April 22, 2017

Our little Musician, Bach is growing up fast! He is a red Persian male and is  looking to move out to a home of his very own to fill with love. He is very friendly and personable. $650. See important kitten information below.